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A Conference means a meeting of the people, who confer about a particular topic or issue. Conferences are usually composed of various presentations and there could be varieties of conference with multi-meanings respectively, and they tend to be short and concise with a time span of about 10 to 30 minutes, while these presentations are usually followed by discussions and negotiations between the participants. Some of these forms are detailed as followed,

Academic Conference:-
In this form of Conference the work may be bundled in written form as academic paper and published as the conference proceedings. Usually an academic Conference will include keynote speaker, which could be a scholar of some standings, but in some cases that could also be done by some other personality from outside of that academic network. The keynote lecture is often longer, lasting sometime upto an hour and half, if there are many keynote speakers.

Business Conferences: -
Organized to discuss business and profession related matters and issue and to improve the abilities in same section of practices. We can also called it a convention in the sense of a meeting, which could be a gathering of individuals, who meet at an arranged place and time in order to discuss or engage in common interests. The most conventions could be based upon industry, profession and fandom. Trade Conventions typically focus on a particular industry or its segment.

News Conference: -
A News conference or a Press Conference is a media event, in which newsmaker invites journalists to hear them speak, and most often ask them questions on particular issues. It could also be An announcement to the press conference, with expectations of some particular questions about the announced matters. In a news conference one or more speakers make some statements on particular topics and matters followed by questions by the reporters on same matters. News Conferences are usually held by leading political parties, or Governmental bodies for particular issues or topics to be highlighted.

Parent-Teacher Conference: -
A meeting between parents and children’s teachers to discuss about the children’s grades and school performance, while this type of conference could also bring a chance for parents to meet the children’s teachers directly, and review any issue which could be concerned with their kid’s studies and school life. These type of interviews are usually prolongs from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. This type of conference either could be arranged specially by the school’s teachers to meeting the parents in general, or in some cases individual parents could directly approach to the school, and ask for this option to get updates about their kid’s performance.
Settlement Conference: -
A Settlement conference is a meeting between two opposing sides of a lawsuit at which the parties attempt to reach a mutually agreeable resolution of their dispute without have to precede to a trial b the court. Such conference may be initiated through either of party, it is usually done by the conveyance of a settlement offer or it may be ordered by the court as a precedent to holding a trial. These types of conferences are frequently conducted by a judge or other neutral party n the form of mediation.

Trade Conference: -
Trade conference or a trade fare, organized like a business conference, but with wider participation, which is a kind of opportunity for trade persons, businessmen or general public alike to a network and learn more about topics of interests through workshops viewing whitepaper presentations, and meeting vendors of same categories and services, and improving their calibers and strengths by extending their relations and contacts with the same field members and professionals. This trade Conference could also be named of An exhibition or trade fair which is organized so that specific companies and industries could showcase their products and services details, and demonstrate of latest creation and productions along-with their specifications, study activities of rivals and also examine latest market trends and opportunities. In contrast to consumer fairs, only limited and some of trade fairs are open to public, while others can only be attended if you are a representative of any company, who are members of the trade market and professional with the same industry. Therefore all trade shows are initially classified either public or for trade market only. 

Events Management of Conferences: -
Events management of conferences is one of the most important and best events, which is only planned, designed and organized by the highly professional events planners and events designers like a2z events solutions team, who do have caliber and strength to meet all type of challenges and standards required by a world-class conference management services. This term could be applied on variety of gatherings like a group of researchers who meet to discuss scientific and medicated results on various topics, or a group of sales people who are being trained.
Conference planning is a really strategic and sensitive responsibility of a corporate employee or a professional meeting planner, who has to take care of multi-tasking, planning, designing and proper project of particular jobs related to that specific conference.
At A2Z Events Solutions, we are pride to be one of the best and leading A2Z Events Solutions Management Company based in Lahore Pakistan, beside with offices and affiliations internationally. A2z events solutions is one and only events management Company which do have highly categorized professionals with all sections of services, who are experienced and specialized in their job profiles and skills, having strengths to meet and execute any type of challenges concerned to their fields.
Our Conference Planners and Managers listen carefully all the requirements and standards of qualities required by our valued clients, plan and design the projection respectively with alternative options and suggestions being within the budget limitations. They are perfect and Professionals with abilities to make your any type of conference or corporate events more prominently perfect and tuned then your expectations. When we plan or design any event or conference, we do understands its specifications more closely, and bring new turns better than before. We advice and suggest our clients what is better and suitable for that particular type of Conference or Event, either that is concerned with location/Venues, designs, projections and services. Our Valued clients, who has experienced us once, has been so satisfied and happy with us, which has bring them on our permanent valued client’s list, who call us all the time for any type of their events either that is a meeting of 5-10 Guests, or a Mega event with thousands of Guests and Participants, A2Z Events Solutions is one of the best selection for them, where their trusts and confidence comes with blindly ending. 
Everything about the planning of conferences, from important steps in the planning process to conference types and their requirements and standards according to the client’s nature of interests is being analyzed very carefully and fulfilled respectively.

Conference Management & Planning: -
Conference management and planning does includes several key components, while some of them which are important could be revealed as followed-

Conferences are held around the world in small and large cities, The Venues range from a Small meeting rooms in a Small hotels to large conventional Halls, and all that is being advised and planned by a good and professional conference and events planners.

During this recession period where credit crunch is on its peak, many companies are scaling back their conferences and even some of them are cancelling anyhow. These bigger companies are getting converted into small situation or shifting their setups to small cities that offer cheaper rates. A2Z Events Solutions is the first Events Management Company which had worked on this situation specially, and introduced very reasonable and competitive rates for all type of conferences. We have designed the whole events and services being in the limited budget suggested by the valued clients. So if you are planning for any type of conference and worried about how to plan this conference being in Pakistan, and whether this is possible to plan this conference at lowest budget you have, you don’t need to be worried we have best solutions for your all type of needs concerned to this conference, Just give us a call, and not only you will be getting best & world-class Events Planners & highly professionals to design your conference in Pakistan being within your specified budget but also make it so prominent and highly remarkable.

  • Proximity to most of the Possible attendees:-
  • The Accommodation need for this Event

 Some Client do like to be designed their Conference/Event in Five stars Hotels, while some of them do it on lower options, but whatever is the venue, Accommodation is very important for the participants, who are coming from out of city to attend this conference. Clients normally get confused for those invitations, to arrange their accommodations or have to focus their employees particularly this job. At a2z Events Solutions, you don’t need to be worried about all these hassles, as our specialist will arrange all these additional services for you. You just need to inform us about your required specifications, and it will be done straight away.

  • The Conference room at the venue
  • Types of Conferences
  • Academic Conferences
  • Business Conferences
  • Medical Conferences
  • Training Conferences
  • Internet Conferences

At A2Z Events Solutions, You will be getting all those services which you can expect or desiring from a world-class Events Planner, whether you have corporate Events or Family Events. So if you are planning recently or having mind of any type of conferences in future, Please do come to us, you will be happy to meet to our highly experienced and professional staff, who will get you every best & possible service which could be suitable to your standards and requirements regarding any of your events.

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