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What types of Flowers we Use for Events? Available Flowers in Local Market? 

Being at a2z Events Solutions as One of the type best Wedding & Events Planners, Designers, Decorators and Event’s Executors in Pakistan, We got vibrant Collection of Flowers which we use for our Corporate Events, Wedding Events and All Other Type of Events Locally and Internationally, depending on the budget size and requirements of our Valued Clients.

Its All About Budget and Affordability of our Valued Customers who got the right decision whether we should use the Ratio with Imported Flowers or Local Flowers depending on their taste and interest beside budget conditions. But we have all Choices available.

In Imported Flowers we use Following Flowers 

1- Imported Rose Flower

2 – Imported Tulip Flower

3- Lilly Flower

4- Daisy Flower

5- Carnations Flower

6- Gebras Flower

7- Deco Flower

8- Gladuates Flower

9- Orchid Flower

10- Chrysanthemum Flower

In Local Flowers We use Following Flowers 

1- Rose Flower

2- Gladiolus Flower

3- Tube rose Flower

4- Local Chrysanthemum

5- Rose Mary